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IPPNW Germany Press Release

Academics who call for peace should not be persecuted

Sebnem Korur Fincanci is awarded the Medical Peace Prize (Nurnberg, 2011) Source: IPPNW Germany01/19/2016 

The German branch of the medical peace organisation IPPNW today urged foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier to call for the immediate release of Turkish intellectuals who have been arrested for signing an appeal to peacefully resolve the conflict with the Kurdish population. In a public petition, a total of 1,128 academics from 89 universities called for the Turkish government to put an end to violence in the region, predominately inhabited by Kurds, and to resume peace negotiations that were broken off last summer. According to media reports, as many as 27 scholars have been arrested and more than 130 are threatened with detention. The public prosecutors in Istanbul are said to be investigating all signatories of the appeal. Many face the threat of punitive action or losing their jobs.

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26.-28.02.2016, Berlin

International Congress: "5 years of living with Fukushima – 30 years of living with Chernobyl"

IPPNW Germany invites you to join us in Berlin for the congress "5 years of living with Fukushima – 30 years of living with Chernobyl". Renowned scientists from Japan, the former Soviet Union, Germany, the United States, and all over the world will join committed activists and volunteers who have been working with the affected population in  contaminated regions for many years. Together, they will look at what lies ahead: learning from the catastrophic nuclear past means imagining a world free from nuclear threat – and making this vision reality.

[More info on the congress homepage]

Newly-developed Nuclear Weapon

“Modernizing” the opportunities for nuclear war

Die neue B61-12-Atombombe, Foto: Randy Montoya/Sandia Labs, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/, bearbeitet01/19/2016 

A fight now underway over newly-designed US nuclear weapons highlights how far the Obama administration has strayed from its commitment to build a nuclear-free world.

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International Conference

The Humanitarian Pledge to “stigmatize, prohibit and eliminate” nuclear weapons

121 States already support the Humanitarian Pledge, Source: ippnw.org12/07/2015 

An unprecedented series of intergovernmental and civil society conferences has laid the foundation for a political process that could finally ban and eliminate nuclear weapons. Norway hosted the First Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons (HINW) in March 2013 in Oslo. A follow-up Second Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons was held in Nayarit, Mexico in February 2014. An all-important Third Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons, held in Vienna in December 2014, produced a Humanitarian Pledge “to identify and pursue effective measures to fill the legal gap for the prohibition and elimination of nuclear weapons.

more ...[Read the full article on ippnw.org]


Medact warns against British air strikes in Syria

Tornado_GR4_12Sqn_RAF_Iraq_Sep2008-300x200.jpeg, Foto: Medact12/02/2015 

While barbarism and callous violence must always be resisted and challenged, a bombing campaign against ISIS will not help bring peace to the region, nor secure freedom and safety in the UK. More likely, reacting to the atrocities in Paris by supporting and expanding the US-led air war against ISIS will grow support for terrorism.

more ...[Read the full article on medact.org]

Doctors warn armed violence a threat to health worldwide

Over 700 Gather in London to Advocate for War Prevention, Humanitarian Law, Refugee Assistance

Health Through Peace conference, organised by Medact in November 2015, Foto: IPPNW.

01.12.2015 Armed conflict and militarization pose grave and escalating threats to health worldwide and must be tackled urgently, warned a coalition of leading health, peace, development and security organizations led by IPPNW UK affiliate Medact who met in London on the 13th & 14th November

more ...[Conference homepage]  [Conference statement]

Press statement of PSR/IPPNW Switzerland

Global toll of the nuclear industry and uranium exploitation

Press Statement « Nuclearisation of Africa » Symposium 19. Nov 2015

Delegation from Niger in Johannesburg, Foto: IPPNW

19.11.15 There is a clear global downtrend in the civil use of nuclear power, as documented by the annual World Nuclear Industry Status Report and as discussed at the international Symposium on « Nuclearisation of Africa » concluded on the 19th of November in Johannesburg. Testimonies by participants from Niger spoke about the heavy toll of the 40 years exploitation of Uranium in their country.

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Press statement, IPPNW Germany

Overcoming War and Terror

Terrorist Attacks in Paris

Paris: Solidarität mit den Opfern, Grafik: Campact e.V.

18.11.2015 The physicians' peace organisation, IPPNW, is deeply shocked and appalled by the murderous hate of the Paris assassins. Our deepest sympathy goes out to the victims and their families. In view of the terror in Europe, we also remember the victims in Beirut, the Airbus crash over the Sinai desert and those in Ankara as well as the untold dead and injured in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya. After the terror attacks in Paris, we appeal to the German government not to answer violence with violence and, in so doing, restrict basic liberties.

more ...


IPPNW Board of Directors hold a minute's silence

London, Monday, 16th November, 11 am GMT

Board of Directors of IPPNW join the minute’s silence in remembrance of the victims of terror and war. Foto: IPPNW

16.11.2015 At its London meeting, the Board of Directors of IPPNW decided to join the minute’s silence in remembrance of the victims of terror and war, which was held all across Europe mindful of the dreadful acts of violence in France. The Board explicitly included all victims of hostility.

more ...


Turkey: Hospitals are being converted into war zones

Ausnahmezustand in Cizre und anderen türkischen Städten: Ausgangssperre und Angriffe auf die zivile Infrastruktur. Foto: IPPNW

13.11.2015 With elections approaching, a 15-member delegation including politicians, journalists, doctors, human rights campaigners and trade-union officials from Germany, Austria and the Netherlands visited the cities Diyarbarkir, Cizre, Nusaybin, Silvan and Mardin in Turkey. They were invited by the peace block of Turkey, an alliance of numerous public organisations as well as public figures in both cultural affairs and politics. IPPNW doctor Dr Angelika Claußen was a member of the delegation.

more ...


World Medical Association calls on governments to ban and eliminate nuclear weapons

Mitgliedsländer der WMA. Foto: World Medical Association [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

18.10.15 The General Assembly of the World Medical Association, unanimously adopted a new resolution condemning nuclear weapons, stating that the medical profession has a duty to work for the elimination of nuclear weapons, and urging all governments to work to ban and eliminate them. IPPNW and its affiliates, many of whose members are active in national medical associations, will work to ensure that this resolution is promoted and acted upon as widely as possible.

[Docs and Nukes - Still a Live issue, The new England Journal of Medicine, 14.10.2015]

News release, International Peace Day

European health groups launch Medical Peace Work Case Studies


Medical Peace Work

21.09.2015 European health groups today launched new educational materials to educate nurses, doctors, students and others on the health aspects of war, violence and armed conflict. The new case studies form part of the Medical Peace Work framework and depict challenging situations for health professionals in the search of preventing and reducing violence – as well as promoting peace, sustainable development, and human rights. They aim to show the role of doctors, nurses and others in building trust, understanding, mutually enriching structures, and cultures of peace.

more ...[Medical Peace Work-Homepage]

Physicians for Social Responsibility, 19.09.2015

The results are in! Watch the winners from the short film award


19.09.2015 IPPNW's U.S. affiliate PSR, with support from NSquare, held a short film contest to raise awareness about what's at stake if we are complacent about nuclear weapons.

[More Information]

Press release

End the blockade of Donbass

Humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine

Verbrannter Wohnblock in Lysychansk, 2014. Foto: Pryshutova Viktoria

17.09.2015 IPPNW medical practitioners from 15 European countries appealed today to Presidents Poroshenko and Putin, the European Parliament and the OSCE to help lift the blockade of Donbass and allow free access to humanitarian assistance for the population in the region. The Ukraine government further tightened the blockade of the Donbass conflict region in June of this year: food and medical supplies are only allowed into the area controlled by the Separatists unter strict controls.

more ...[Letter to Presidents Poroshenko and Putin, the European Parliament and the OSCE]

Ukraine conflict risks nuclear war

Letter to Obama and Putin


IPPNW co-presidents Ira Helfand and Vladimir Garkavenko have sent the following letter to Presidents Barack Obama of the United States and Vladimir Putin of Russia, expressing the Federation’s concern over the continuing conflict in Ukraine between two heavily armed nuclear States. Dr. Helfand is a member of the board of IPPNW’s US affiliate, Physicians for Social Responsibility. Dr. Garkavenko is a member of the board of IPPNW’s Russian affiliate, Russian Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War.

[Read letter]

Animated Short Film about DU by ICBUW and PaxChristi

click to watch the video in IPPNW's youtube channel