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Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, September 13-14, 2018

10th North Asian Regional conference and the 3d North-South Consultative Meeting

Wroclaw, Poland, September 21–23, 2018

Building bridges for peace and a nuclear-weapons-free world

European IPPNW meeting and European students’ meeting

Wrocław Medical University, Biblioteka Główna UM
Wul. Marcinkowskiego 2-6, 50-368 Wrocław, Poland

Friday 21. Sept

18.00 Opening
Dr. Angelika Claußen (Regional vice president for Europe)

18:15-20.00 pm
Panel discussion
Seeking refuge from war
Carlotta Conrad (IPPNW Germany)
Duygu Yıldız (Journalist)
Olha Yurtsenyuk, (Bukovіnian State Medical University, Chernovtsy, Ukraine)

Welcome drink

Saturday 22. Sept

10:00 – 10:15 am
Welcome notes from official representatives

10:15 am
Keynote The danger of nuclear war and the nuclear ban treaty
Selma van Oostward, PAX

11:00 am
Session Climate change and the energy shift – health issues
Laurie Laybourn-Langton (Alliance on Climate Change, Great Britain)

13:00 pm
Optional: Visit the Leopoldina during lunch break

14:30 pm
Session Peace and reconciliation in Central and Eastern Europe
Dr. Bohdan Wasilewski (IPPNW Poland)
Susanne Grabenhorst (IPPNW Germany)
Olha Yurtsenyuk, (Bukovіnian State Medical University, Chernovtsy, Ukraine)
Anuar Bidzhiev (IPPNW Russia)

16:30 pm

17:00 pm

  1. Overview of IPPNW student work, information for the election of a new European student representative
  2. Parallel working Groups

19:00 pm Closing

19:30 pm

Sunday 23. Sept

10:00 am
Arms exports and aiming for prevention
Dr. Helmut Lohrer, IPPNW Germany

11:00 am

11:30 am
Session 3
Student work
Eva Lauckner (IPPNW Germany)
Dominik Stosik (IPPNW Poland)

13:00 pm
Closing session

13:30 pm

Boston, USA, October 13, 2018

Longwood Symphony Orchestra, 2018 Healing Art of Music, Concert and Dinner to Benefit IPPNW and GBPSR in Memory of Victor W. Sidel, MD

Boston, USA, October 26-28, 2018

2018 IPPNW Board meeting