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Starting 2nd October 2017

Massive Open Online Course: Medical Peace Work

Photo: Homepage MOOC MPW

Learn about the vital role healthcare plays in violence prevention and peace-building both globally and locally.

Registration is now open.

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26th August - 2nd September 2017, UK

IPPNW Medical Student Bike Tour

Faslane to York (342 miles/550km) in the United Kingdom

The aim of this tour is to remember and show solidarity with the victims and survivors of nuclear weapons, nuclear testing, uranium mining, nuclear energy and nuclear accidents while at the same time advocating for a world free of nuclear weapons.

  [For more information, visit the Blog of the IPPNW-Bike Tour 2017 ]

2nd - 3rd September 2017, York, UK

International Student Congress

The IPPNW Students Congress will take place on 2nd and 3rd September 2017 at the University of York, Helsington North Yorkshire, UK. The one and a half day congress will focus on IPPNW Students core activities, future projects, sharing knowledge and experiencing cultural events.

Please click on the links below to find out more information, the programme as well as all the important details including registration and accommodation arrangements.

[Find the invitation letter with all the details here]  [Link to the IPPNW students' website with further information including the programme]

3rd - 7th September 2017, Univeristy of York, UK

Joint MEDACT Forum and IPPNW World Congress

Ban Treaty negotiations end on July 7. On July 8, the all-important work of implementing the ban and eliminating nuclear weapons begins. Building on the foundation of the Ban Treaty will be a major focus of IPPNW’s 22nd World Congress, Health Through Peace 2017, at York University from September 4-6.  A joint conference with our UK affiliate, Medact, the program will explore new strategies for bringing nuclear-armed and nuclear-dependent states into compliance with Treaty prohibitions as they fulfill their nuclear disarmament obligations. Don’t miss this opportunity to plan the next steps in our journey to a nuclear-weapon-free world! Register now, and reserve low-cost, high-amenity accommodations on the York campus.


14th – 17th September 2017, University of Basel

Congress "Human Rights, Future Generations & Crimes in the Nuclear Age"

Dear IPPNW Members

Our Congress Website is online – including information about the preliminary programme, speakers and the possibility to register online.

Our meeting takes place on 14–17 September 2017 and offers the chance to link health and human rights issues. The conference will bring together lawyers and medical experts as well as victims of nuclear accidents, nuclear testing and uranium mining from all over the world. We will learn from past lawsuits and show how to support current and future cases. One of the key factors that determines whether a lawsuit is successful or not is to proof the bodily harm. The nuclear industry tries to deny or down play these impacts. However, recent evidence presented by medical research indicates that the risk of ionising radiation to humans and living beings is higher than previously assumed. Finally, law and medicine should not only focus on the past and present, but also try to prevent future harm. The conference will also discuss the legal developments which could strengthen the protection.
We kindly invite everybody to attend the congress! Please register online and forward this information to interested parties.

On behalf of the organisation committee

Günter Baitsch, Andreas Nidecker and Claudia Bürgler (PSR/IPPNW Switzerland)

Daniel Rietiker (SAFNA, Schweizer Anwälte für Nukleare Abrüstung)

Günter Wippel (Uranium Network)

[More information on events-swiss-ippnw.org]