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Sunday, 23. June 2024

April 29th, 2024

“Our journey may have ended, but commitment to the cause remains unwavering”

by 2023 Mombasa Bike Tour participants

In April 2023, over a dozen IPPNW medical students and junior doctors from 9 countries braved a 500km bike tour from Nairobi to Mombasa, Kenya, leading to IPPNW’s 23rd World Congress. Throughout the 5 day journey, the young leaders rallied junior doctors and medical students to raise awareness and promote action on disarmament, climate justice, and health. Participants met with local community members, decisionmakers, religious leaders, and more. On the journey, the close-knit group learned about each other’s cultures, sang karaoke, discussed perspectives on the threats to life, and united in the common goal of creating a safer, healthier future for future generations.

Call for Application

Global Health Summer School 2022 - applications now open!

Between profit and the common good - lessons from the coronavirus pandemic

04/05/2022 IPPNW Germany, together with Charité Berlin, will once again host the international Global Health Summer School in Berlin from the 16 - 23 July 2022. This year our title is "Global Health between corporate interest and common good – lessons from the coronavirus pandemic".

Please visit our website (www.health-and-globalisation.org) to apply and to receive further information about the programme, this year’s focus and the application process.

Applications are open until May 1st, 2022.




IPPNW XXIII World Congress in Africa

The 23rd IPPNW World Congress will be held in Mombasa, Kenya.
Main theme: Disarmament, Development and Health
Student conference: Monday 25th May 2020
Main congress dates: Tuesday 26th to Thursday 28th May 2020
Board and International council meeting: Monday 25th May and Friday 29th May 2020
Venue: PrideInn Paradise Beach Resort

Past events

25-28 May 2017, Prishtina

European Students Conference and Western Balkan Meeting

Radiation and its effects on human health

We are glad to announce that the next European Student Conference and Western Balkan Meeting will take place from 25-28th of May 2017 in the city of Prishtina, Kosovo.

The main topic of the conference will be: Radiation and its effects on human health. Of course there will also be special time slots for former participants of IPPNW's program Bridges of Understanding, slots where every group can present their local commitment and many more different workshops.
Please save the date and we will inform you soon about more details.

We thank the group of Kosova's Physicians for Social Responsibility - IPPNW Affiliate in Kosovo (founded just now in December 2016) for organizing this event!
Registration is open now.

6-8 May 2016, Belgrade

European Students' Meeting 2016

Refugees and Migration

We are happy to let you know that the next european meeting is to take place from May 6th to 8th in Belgrade, Serbia. The conference will focus on the topics of refugees and migration. In times when the European Union seems to drift more and more apart implementing inhumanitarian politics for many who flee from war and other life-threatening conditions, we believe that it is crucial that the european student movement gets together to discuss the topic, learn about the different perspectives and to point out the importance of us as future physicians to take responsibility.

Students interested should contact the european student representative Kilian (runte(at)ippnw.de) or Jonathan (lauryn(at)ippnw.de) as soon as possible because there are only limit places for European students and also to facilitate our planning. Please share this with all your friends or students in Europe who could be interested.


8 - 10 May 2015, Berlin

25th IPPNW European Students' Conference in Berlin 2015

"No Weapons, No Cry?! - Impact of arms on health, politics and society"

This year's IPPNW’s European student movement will hold its conference in May in Germany. We will focus on various aspects of different types of arms and their impact on health, politics and society in general.

Some of the topics dealt with at the conference will be: reasons for the use of weapons, various consequences of the use of small arms, nuclear weapons and their dangers, as well as humanitarian intervention. All of these subjects are going to be discussed from a medical, ethical and political point of view. 

The conference program is truly exceptional. We have gathered experts from various fields to share their knowledge on the above topics, including impacts of nuclear weapons on maternal health, traumatization of war victims, peaceful conflict resolution, review of small arms prevention programs and possibilities for medical engagement.

We welcome you to come with your ideas to Berlin and hope for lively discussions.

9-11th of May 2014, Helsinki

24th IPPNW’s European Students’ conference

Today our globe encounters various dangers – some that have been burden for a long time and some that have recently emerged. Cooperation between sciences is longed for when looking resolutions to these complex problems that connect us all – even though in different perspectives.


April 5-7, 2013 in Belgrade, Serbia

23rd IPPNW European Students Conference

"Media in Service of Activism"

Belgrade, CC 3.0, Vlada Marinković “If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there'd be peace.”― John Lennon

Is a click on the LIKE button on Facebook enough to feed a child? Does your tweet about the latest situation in the Middle East count for anything? Can the pile of partly true, pseudo-scientific information and opinions of every computer literate person in the world be turned into use for greater good? And what is the role of Internet, socials networks, TV, radio, billboards and printed issues of journals and newspapers in all of this? How powerful and efficient can media be in the service of activism? How we can use them to promote peace, welfare, nuclear-free world and to turn public into mighty ally?

Mai 12,2012, Odessa

From Chernobyl to Fukushima

IPPNW national affiliates held an international IPPNW student conference

05/12/2012 On May 12, 2012, in Odessa, Ukraine, Russian and Ukrainian IPPNW national affiliates co-rganized and held an international IPPNW student conference entitled “From Chernobyl to Fukushima”. The conference took place in the Odessa Polytechnical University. More than 400 medical students and young doctors took part in the conference, representing a large variety of regions of Ukraine, Russia, a number of other CIS countries including South Caucasian and Central Asian regions. Also, the conference was attended by medical students from Central and Western European countries studying in the Odessa Medical University, as well as by students of the Odessa Polytechnical University.


2010 European Student Meeting

Nuclear Weapons - Abolition now!

04/12/2010 The 8 - 11 April 2010, the 20. European Student Conference of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) was hosted in Oslo. This is an annual event that gathers students from all over Europe for questions relating to nuclear disarmament, peace and social responsibility. During the conference, close to 80 students from about 15 countries participated in some of our activities.


12/09/2008 This year’s European Student Meeting took place during three days between 27-30th of November in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Around 80 students participated, representing 20 countries. Some of them came from countries that had not previously taken part in any IPPNW student meetings.


Overriding Trident Tour

28.09. - 30.09.2007

10/28/2007 From September 28th-30th of 2007, a group of more than 30 medical students, doctors and political activists cycled the English countryside from Dover to London in order to reach this conference, informing the public on their way about the dangers of nuclear weapons, holding Target X installations and meeting with mayors and media on the way. Background of the tour was the decision of the British parliament to renew the Trident nuclear weapons program for an estimated cost of £25 billion.


New IPPNW student chapter in Iran

Photo Exhibition at Tehran University

05/01/2007 IPPNW-Iran started it's activity by holding a photo exhibition at Tehran university. It was organized by the eight main members of IPPNW-Iran and consisted of the following parts: A photo exhibition of peaceful activities, introducing IPPNW, NWIP and SCWVS by distributing some brochures, attracting new members and the Target X project first performance in Iran. The visitors seemed so enthusiastic to be familiar with these organizations and their peaceful activities.


Baltic Bike Tour

31 students on the road for abolition

09/10/2006 From August 21st to September 6th, 31 brave students made their way more than 1.000 kilometers around the Baltic Sea in a valiant effort to reach the IPPNW World Congress in Helsinki, informing the public on their way about the dangers of nuclear weapons, holding Target X installations and meeting with decision makers in Estonia, Russia and Finland.


09/05/2005 This report is structured along the following five goals: Develop and support international student projects; support the student chapters in the local work and attempt to get them in touch with their affiliates; improve communication and governance within the student movement; represent the students’ voice within the BoD and the Planning Committee for Helsinki 2006; and foster growth amongst student chapters in the Global South. The report touches on our achievements in the past year and identifies the obstacles we have encountered, outlines our plans for the coming year and formulates our recommendations for future student work within IPPNW.


Target London

Nuclear Weapons Inheritance Project

08/04/2006 The students of the Nuclear Weapons Inheritance Project spent a weekend in London from August 4th to 6th. After intensive briefings and strategy sessions, they went on to the streets on Hiroshima Day to talk to passers-by about what would happen if a nuclear bomb exploded on London.


IPPNW Student movement

Meeting active students from around the world

The IPPNW Student Movement www.ippnw-students.org consists of thousands of active medical students all over the world. Local student groups organize projects in their region, bringing medical aid to people who cannot afford it, demonstra-ting against nuclear war or raising awareness about certain issues through lectures and events.