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Monday, 15. July 2024

Call for Application

Global Health Summer School 2022 - applications now open!

Between profit and the common good - lessons from the coronavirus pandemic

IPPNW Germany, together with Charité Berlin, will once again host the international Global Health Summer School in Berlin from the 16 - 23 July 2022. This year our title is "Global Health between corporate interest and common good – lessons from the coronavirus pandemic".

Three years into this pandemic we analyze how global health is shaped by both a globalised neoliberal economy and ethical considerations for a common good. We explore the interconnections between globalised capitalism, colonial continuities, inequality and health and critically engage with ethical challenges concerning the pandemic responses.  We will explore ways in which ethics can guide our work as health professionals and political activists dedicated to Health For All.

Participants from various professions and diverse backgrounds and countries of origin will participate in workshops, seminars and excursions. They will partake in a dialogue focused on reflection, discussion and problem-solving with the goal of creating a space for critical analysis, exchange, empowerment and activism.

Please visit our website (www.health-and-globalisation.org) to apply and to receive further information about the programme, this year’s focus and the application process. Applications are open until May 1st, 2022! If you have any questions, feel free to email us at wunder[at]ippnw.de.