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Friday, 19. July 2024

Medact UK

60 MPs call on Gov. to end hostile enviroment in the NHS

Today we've heard the tragic news that Elvis, a Filipino man, died at home after showing symptoms of COVID-19. He had been too afriad to go to hospital because he feared he would face charges for care, or be reported to the Home Office. His wife, is now symptomatic and also afraid to go to hospital. She is relying on friends for food and support.

The COVID-19 crisis is making the Hostile Environment even more deadly for people that are prevented from accessing the care they need. This week we've seen The BMA, the WHO, and the UNHRC all call for an end to NHS charging.

We've been working with MPs to keep the pressure on the Government to ensure they are taking steps to protect migrants as part of the response to the coronavirus crisis.

Today 60 MPs wrote to Matt Hancock calling for an urgent suspension of all NHS charging, an end to data-sharing with the Home Office, and for the Government to launch a public information campaign to ensure everyone knows the NHS is safe and free for all.

"Migrants are at the frontline of this pandemic. They disproportionately make-up NHS staff and other key worker roles, but the Hostile Environment has led to migrants dying from Covid-19 without seeking healthcare. This injustice has to end. The Government should listen to the World Health Organisation en ensure migrants can safely and freely access healthcare" - Zarah Sultana, MP for Coventry South.

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