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Friday, 19. July 2024

NVMP Netherlands Newsflash

IPPNW co-chair Ira Helfand wins "Gandhi, King, Ikeda Community Builders Prize"

On April 13th 2023, IPPNW co-chair Ira Helfand received the prestigious "Gandhi, King, Ikeda Community Builders' Prize" from Morehouse College. 

"The prize is awarded annually to an individual who promotes peace and positive social transformation through non-violent means. These individuals use their global leadership to affirm peace, justice, diversity and pluralism."

An excerpt from the jury report on Ira Helfand: "This award recognises and honours your passionate and non-violent struggle to prevent humanity from falling victim to the horrors of nuclear disaster" and "You are perhaps the most important person on the planet who stands between a billion people at risk of nuclear famine and the person who pushes the nuclear button".

Dr Helfand gave a very inspiring speech at the awards ceremony in Atlanta, Georgia.
In addition to the looming geopolitical situation, he addressed the growing danger of 'cyber warfare' and nuclear terrorism as well as the climate crisis that is going to cause increasing internal and external conflicts and refugee flows. "If nuclear weapons are still on the table as this conflict unfolds, they will be used."

"Those of us living today have been given the opportunity to save the world. We have made nuclear weapons with our own hands and we know how to take them apart."