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Monday, 15. July 2024

"Without Nuclear Bomb" ("Senzatomica") at the italian parliament

Press release

02/16/2011 As well as announced, on February, 1st, 2011 the multimediatic initiative "Senzatomica", by Soka Gakkai Italy, sponsored by AIMPGN (IPPNW Italy), PUGWASH, PNND (Parliamentarian Network for Nuclear Disarmament), has been officially represented in Rome, in the Conference Hall of Palazzo Marini, at the House of Deputies, one of the two branches of the Italian Parliament.

Moderator was the director of the Italian private TV Channel Sky News 24. The initiative had great success: the wide Conference Hall was full, at the presence of a representative of the Presidency of the Italian Republic, that gave its Patronage to the multimediatic show. The core of the initiative was the testimony of an hibakusha came from Hiroshima, that gave a very puntual description of what happened to him and to his family the day of the atomic bombing of his town. Some Italian Mayors for Peace were present.

"Senzatomica" will be developed all over Italy, in the main italian towns, as part of the initiatives of ICAN, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.

Dr. Michele Di Paolantonio, President of AIMPGN (IPPNW Italy), underligned the importance of the ratification of the nuclear disarmament agreement START 3 between USA and Russia as a success of IPPNW and of the Citizen's Diplomacy, and remembered the role of the Italian Medicine (through the International Scientific Meetings "Medicine for Peace" helded in Rome in 1983 and 1984 and the Italian Affiliate of IPPNW) even in the international efforts towards the agreement USA-USSR INF Treaty that dismanteled nuclear missiles SS20, Cruise and Pershing II from Europe more than twenty years ago.

Moreover, he reaffirmed that both IPPNW and Mayors for Peace adopted the concepts of Mediterranean Nuclear Weapons Free Sea and Middle East Nuclear Weapons Free Zone as fundamental steps towards a World Free by Nuclear Weapons.

Next march, 26th, the "Senzatomica" multimediatic show will be open in Florence, in the town were Mayor Akiba Tadatoshi, President of Mayors for Peace, met twice Italian Mayors for Peace that embraced the goals of his global Mayoral organization for nuclear disarmament.