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Monday, 15. July 2024

Nuclear Weapon Free

My cup of tea

11/18/2007 On Sunday the 18th of November the Mayor of Hiroshima Hadatoshi Akiba visited Stockholm, Sweden. For his visit Swedish students in IPPNW arranged the first "Nuclear Weapon Free - my cup of tea" event. This is a new activity that can be done all over the world in IPPNW as a contribution to the ICAN campaign. There are still 27.000 nuclear weapons in the world. The purpose of each and every one of them is their potential of causing a major disaster. But in fact, they are causing disaster every day.

People are suffering from disease & deprivation. Wouldn´t the work and money be better spent on health care and education? We don´t need weapons of mass destruction. We need a mass destruction of weapons. It´s time for a peaceful chain reaction. Let´s start it together! Next time you have tea with someone; talk about a nuclear weapon free world. That´s sharing a nice cup of tea.