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6-8 May 2016, Belgrade

European Students' Meeting 2016

Refugees and Migration

We are happy to let you know that the next european meeting is to take place from May 6th to 8th in Belgrade, Serbia. The conference will focus on the topics of refugees and migration. In times when the European Union seems to drift more and more apart implementing inhumanitarian politics for many who flee from war and other life-threatening conditions, we believe that it is crucial that the european student movement gets together to discuss the topic, learn about the different perspectives and to point out the importance of us as future physicians to take responsibility.

Therefore we managed to open the IPPNW Western Balkan meeting 2016 to more european students. The meeting will take place in the frame of IPPNW’s programme “Bridges of Understanding” which brings students from countries all over southeast Europe together to speak about the reconciliation process after Bosnia and Kosovo war. 

The meeting will give us the unique opportunity to build bridges of friendship to students from the Balkan countries who until now had less opportunities to participate in other European students' events (mostly due to economical barriers) and by that stregthen the european student movement..

Students interested should contact the european student representative Kilian (runte(at)ippnw.de) or Jonathan (lauryn(at)ippnw.de) as soon as possible because there are only limit places for European students and also to facilitate our planning. Please share this with all your friends or students in Europe who could be interested.

The  conference will be held in English.


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