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ATT ratification gains traction in Europe, new US policies on arms’ sales

In recent news, the German government, the European Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee, as well as MEPs from the European Committee on International Trade all called for EU countries to ratify the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). Germany’s foreign minister said ATT ratification would take place as soon as the required European Parliament decision takes place, expected this spring.  He, too, called for other states to follow in order to “make the world a safer place.”

In the United States, even though conservative Senators have passed legislation opposing US ratification of the ATT, President Barack Obama has updated U.S. policy guiding the sale of conventional arms to foreign governments, with elements of it purportedly bearing “a direct  resemblance” to the  ATT - which the US signed last year. This at the same time the US congress voted to send arms to "moderate" Syrian rebel factions.   

Has your country signed and ratified the ATT? If not, urge your government to sign AND ratify this treaty as a public health imperative. The UN has published an ATT toolkit for ratification.


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