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SNDWM, Nigeria, December 1, 2017

Radio project of Nigerian physicians to “bring peace to the people”

In November 2017, the Society of Nigerian Doctors for the Welfare of Mankind (SNDWM) started a radio programme called “Bringing Peace to the People“. The program was initiated by a group of doctors to educate the public about the effect of violence on health, to aim at preventing violence and thereby creating a peaceful Nigeria. The programme aims to address the burden of small arms violence in Nigeria. Armed conflict due to identity, religious and economic hostilities have plagued Nigeria for over a decade – a situation worsened by the advent of Boko Haram. With 3.3 million internally displaced people, Nigeria  is the country with the third highest number of internally displaced people  in the world.

To counter violence and assist the victims of violence, the programme informs about the effects of armed violence, gives victims of violence a voice and provides information about available local victim assistance and programmes for victims. Furthermore, the radio programme aims to foster participation towards towards a more peaceful society. The programme is especially aimed at women, who have been disproportionately affected of violence and people who have been victims of displacement, rape, psychological or physical trauma, especially during or following armed conflict.

The topics so far covered armed violence, youth violence, public health advocacy and the Arms Trade Treaty, internally displaced people and mental health effects of gun violence. The program is a follow-up to a radio programme broadcasted in 2009 in Nigeria. The show showed the power of the radio as a tool to encourage discussions on peace and how to work towards a more peaceful environment. The radio show provides easy acces to information since it is widely used among the Nigerian population.

You can listen to past shows here.


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