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Germany: Easter Peace Rallys

Crimea Crises

Last weekend, IPPNW Germany was able to reach tens of thousands of people with speeches at the traditional Easter Peace Rallys across the country.

Speaking in front of the peace memorial Neue Wache in Berlin's historic center, IPPNW Germany board member Dr. Alex Rosen held a speech about ICAN and the process towards a nuclear weapons convention. He and board member Dr. Katja Goebbels also both made the German evening news with their statements on the continuing crisis in Ukraine. Not only in Berlin, but all over the country, people took to the streets to show their support for peaceful solutions of current conflicts, for nuclear disarmament and against the current government policy of exporting arms and increasing German military engagements abroad. Former IPPNW Board chair Dr. Angelika Claussen spoke on the connection between nuclear power and nuclear weapons at a large rally in front of the nuclear enrichment and waste facility of Gronau, German IPPNW student representative Frederik Holz gave a speech on nuclear divestment at the controversial US nuclear weapons base in Büchel, Burkhard Staude talked about the current crisis in Ukraine at a demonstration in Giessen, Helmut Käss spread our IPPNW statement "Cooperation instead of confrontation in Ukraine" at a peace march in Braunschweig, Elke Koling spoke at a demonstration entitled "Stop NATO and EU-Wars" in Bochum, Manfred Lotze participated in the peace rally in Hamburg and IPPNW coorganized a peace march in Bremen.


International Summit for Peace in Ukraine 2023

Speech of Angelika Claußen, IPPNW EU vice president

Animated Short Film about DU by ICBUW and PaxChristi

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