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War and Public Health

Preventing the consequences

Oxford University Press has just published the second edition of a comprehensive, authoritative and all-new book on the public health consequences of war by two long-time IPPNW leaders. War and Public Health, edited by Barry S. Levy and Victor W. Sidel, explores the effects of war on health, human rights, and the environment, and describes what health professionals can do to minimize those consequences and help prevent war altogether. The health and environmental impact of both conventional weapons and weapons of mass destruction—nuclear, chemical, and biological—is described in detail. Important chapters focus on vulnerable populations, including women, children, and refugees. In his foreword to the second edition, former US President Jimmy Carter writes that health professionals "should be leaders in constantly working to prevent the pain and suffering that result from war, which has an unconscionable impact on human health."

Oxford University Press has offered IPPNW activists and readers of this newsletter a special 20% discount on the text. To take advantage of this offer, please visit Oxford University Press Online. In the upper right hand corner enter the following code [26677] into the box labeled “Enter Sales Promo Code”. After you click “Go!” you will be taken to a promo page listing the discounted book. If the code is not working try again in 24 hours.


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