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Press release, Gaza

Preserve humanity, respect international law, ceasefire now!

IPPNW open letter to UN Secretary-General Guterres

Following the vote in the UN General Assembly yesterday and the intensification of the bombing of Gaza, the Co-Presidents of the medical peace organisation IPPNW, Dr. Carlos Umana, Dr. Kati Juva, Assoc. Prof. Olga Miranova and David Onazi, have written to António Guterres. In their open letter they express their support for his work to achieve peace in Gaza. In his speech in the UN Security Council on October 13th, Guterres condemned the “appalling attacks” by Hamas against Israel and stressed that these attacks do not justify the collective punishment of the Palestinian people.

In the letter of support, they write: “Most importantly, we wish to show solidarity with any and all people, like yourself, who stand with citizens who are suffering the terrible consequences of war, however it came about. As physicians, it is our duty, first and foremost, to do no harm. International humanitarian law, which came about through the work of a medical organisation – the Red Cross – extends this principle to all conduct in war.”

IPPNW applauds the resolution for a humanitarian truce in Gaza, passed in the UN General Assembly yesterday. The international medical peace organisation calls for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza strip and Israel. IPPNW supports the Petition “Ceasefire Now” which currently has over a half a million signatures.

“All actors in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict muss respect the principles of international humanitarian law and human rights”, stated the IPPNW Vice-President for Europe and Co-Chair of IPPNW Germany, Dr. Angelika Claussen. “There will be no peace without negotiation and an end to the Israeli policy of illegal occupation.”

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