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Effects of small arms violence

IPPNW researchers document

The Journal of Public Health Policy has published an important new series of articles on small arms in Africa written by IPPNW researchers active in the Aiming For Prevention program on small arms and light weapons (SALW) violence.

All of the articles in the special section of the November issue of JPHP, entitled "Small Arms and Light Weapons in Africa – A Major Challenge to Public Health and Development," were made freely available online for the first month of publication as part of a broader initiative by the Council of Science Editors. CSE organized a Global Theme Issue on Poverty and Human Development, in which 235 science journals throughout the world simultaneously published more than 750 articles that could be downloaded without charge.

This was the culmination of months of work by Aiming For Prevention leaders to gather national and regional data on the public health consequences of small arms violence, and to describe the public health crisis caused by SALW in many African countries. The articles also summarize efforts to reduce adverse health effects, including public health surveillance and actions to influence policy.

For more information about IPPNW's Aiming For Prevention program, please visit: www.ippnw.org/Programs/AFP/index.html


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