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Protesting against Belene

IPPNW Greece at the Pan European Energy Conference, Bulgaria

10/12/2009 On 28-29 August 2009 the Greek Affiliate of IPPNW participated in the PanEuropean Energy Conference in Svishtov, Bulgaria and protested against the nuclear power plant currently under construction in Belene. Jan Havercamp, Greenpeace energy campaigner, declared that all nuclear power plants will stop because the costs are too high.

He said that the price of the electricity promised 1.500 Eu / KVH could reach to 5000.
Our experience in Balcan is not so optimistic. We see that the governments of Turkey, FYROM (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), Albania, Romania and Bulgaria have already signed agreements to proceed creating nuclear power stations and in Greece we experience a manipulation of the public, saying that we have to use nuclear energy because we need it. And when we have nuclear power plants in the neigbourhood and buy electricity from them, why not create one of ours so we could take better care of the security. We try hard to fight these opinions that are passing in the press for the first time after Chernobyl. In Greece we managed to stop the construction of a nuclear power plant in Evoia in 70's. This is why we try to avoid the creation of every new nuclear power station in the reagion from Akuyu to Belene.
For the Belene nuclear power station things are promising because the new government does not want to pay 10 bil EU (in the begining it was 2 bil EU) and there is a very strong opposition in Germany pressing the company RWE and banks because it would be the first "soviet type" nuclear power plant in Europe. There were over 80 participations (10 from Greece, many from Romania, and representatives from Turkey, Hungary, Russia, France, Germany, Austria, Britain, and organisations as Friends of the Earth, MN3 ect)
Let's hope that Belene will be the 3rd nuclear power plant in the Balcan region that will be stopped.


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