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US-India Deal deeply flawed

Open letter to heads of states

14.08.2007 The German affiliate of IPPNW has signed a letter from the global network "Abolition 2000" asking member states of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) to veto the proposed US-India nuclear deal. The signatories of the letter view the deal as "deeply flawed" and regard the consequences for the internation non-proliferation regime to be so severe, that only the next Review Conference of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) should take a decision on it.

The US-India deal exempts India from US non-proliferation laws that have previously banned all sales of nuclear technology and material to India. In order for the deal to proceed, the NSG must also waive its export rules to allow India to receive nuclear assistance from interested countries, like the US, Russia, France, Great Britain, Australia and Canada.

Xanthe Hall, disarmament expert for IPPNW Germany, warned of the deal unleashing a nuclear arms race in the region. "The deal will enable India to produce more fissile material for nuclear weapons. Pakistan is already taking steps to expand its nuclear weapons programme accordingly."

Philip White, of the US-India Deal Working Group of Abolition 2000, noted that "The deal undermines the basic bargain of the non-proliferation regime - you cannot benefit from nuclear trade if you make nuclear weapons. Pakistan and Israel, who are also not signatories of the NPT, have also asked for exemptions. Some countries may ask why stay in the NPT if you can get the same benefits outside of it and have nuclear weapons as well."

Sven Hessmann, Media Spokesperson, IPPNW Germany: +49-30-698074-14
Xanthe Hall, Disarmament Expert: +49-30-698074-12


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