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She remains with us

Solange Fernex has died

Solange Fernex, a French pacifist and politician born in 1934 and resident in Biederthal (Alsace), died of cancer on 11 September at around 3pm. After living through some difficult stages and a recent short remission, she slipped away gently.

She was the understudy for the first Frenchmen to stand as a ecologist candidate in the legislative elections, Henri JENN (then aged 32), in a Mulhouse electorate in 1973.

She headed the list of Europe-Ecologie in the first European elections (1979) gaining nearly 900 000 votes.

In 1983, she participated in the Fast for Life, fasting for 40 days in Paris for nuclear disarmament.

In 1984 she participated in the foundation of Les Verts (the Green Party).

In 2001 she was awarded a prize for her involvement in the struggle against nuclear weapons, the Nuclear-Free Future Award (for Lifetime Achievement).

She was President of the French section of WILPF (Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom) until her illness, and a member of the patrons’ committee of the French coordinating group for the Decade of Peace and Nonviolence.

With her husband Michel Fernex, a physician, she took assistance to the children of Chernobyl. For many years they denounced the effects of the radioactivity spread by that nuclear catastrophe of April 1986.

Five days before her death, she said on the phone to a friend involved in the same struggle that "she was going to watch over our work from her new location."


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