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PRESS RELEASE, September 29, 2011

Switzerland decides phase-out of civil use of nuclear power

The Swiss chapter of the physicians for social responsibility / for the prevention of nuclear war (PSR/ IPPNW, Peace Nobel prize 1985) has taken, with satisfaction, notice of today’s vote by the the council of states, promoting the definite phase-out of civil use of nuclear power at the end of the lifespan of the existing 5 powerplants.

With this responsible decision, the council has followed the votes of the national council and the Swiss executive. The decision considers both security aspects as well as new findings in the realm of biological effects of low doses of radiation, thus respecting medical concerns. Switzerland is following the example of Germany, the two countries courageously embarking on the path to increased energy conservation and the sustainable use of energy and resources. While conditions obviously differ in many places, this new course of Switzerland might hopefully set an example for other countries.

A. Nidecker
IPPNW Switzerland


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