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20-22nd January, 2023

European IPPNW Meeting in Hamburg

How to prevent a nuclear war in Europe

From January 20-22, 2023, the European IPPNW Meeting will take place in Hamburg, Germany. Exciting speakers such as former Ambassador Alexander Kmentt, Tarja Cronberg (SIPRI), Linda Petz-Gunter of Beyond Nuclear, and Moritz Kütt (Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy) are invited.

We will exchange ideas on how to prevent a nuclear war in Europe and to advance the nuclear ban in Europe, despite the Ukraine war. We will also discuss how we can deal with the situation at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, around which fighting from both sides continues unabated. We are offering workshops on skills sharing on media work, social media and political advocacy with experienced campaigners.

Also on the agenda is our European youth work. Because affiliates have only a few medical students as members, we plan to start a European summer school project near Gdansk, Poland, at the Baltic Sea, in 2023. The location will be the meeting place of the former concentration camp Stutthoff.

Our meeting will serve as an European regional meeting, this means we have to elect our European Vice-Presidency again. So far Marianne and I shared all the work regarding  the vicepresidency of Europe. Both of us would like to continue with this work. We have enjoyed very much working  together as a team. We would like to finish our job within the next two years.  Please feel free to propose names of other candidates.

Dirk Hoogenkamp (Netherlands) and Sarah Kuiter, Germany, will be present as European student spokespersons in Hamburg, as well as the Hamburg student group and the Hamburg IPPNW regional group, which make this meeting possible through their persistent organizational preparatory work.

All IPPNW members are cordially invited to Hamburg from January 20-22, 2023.

Venue: St. Ansgar-Haus, Schmilinskystr. 18, 20099 Hamburg, Germany
Documentation & Program: https://www.ippnw.eu/en/events/european-meeting.html
Registration fee: Doctors 200,00 €, Accompanying persons/low income participants 50,00 €, Students and unemployed doctors 10,00 €

Breakfast, lunch and accommodation are included in the price.

IPPNW/de Press Invitation


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