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27-29th April, 2023

IPPNW World Congress in Mombasa

Disarmament, Development and Health

IPPNW’s first African World Congress planning is now underway after years of delay due to the pandemic. The Congress will take place at the beautiful Travellers Beach Hotel & Club resort in Mombasa, Kenya, 27-29 April, 2023. Student and governance meetings (IC and BOD) will be on the 26th and 30th. The Congress will be an in-person and hybrid event with access to many sessions virtually. Program planning based on our prior agenda, associated social activities and tours, and planning for a pre-conference bike tour are also all in process. Please send an email to ippnwbos@ippnw.org and let us know if you plan to attend so we can adequately plan for all aspects of the events.

-  I will attend in person April 27-29 (how many people?)

-  I will attend virtually (for a fee that will help support the conference logistics, attendance)

-  I will attend the Student Congress on April 26

-  I am interested in participating in a Bike Tour prior to the Congress

-  I’m interested in taking a pre or post-Congress tour – beach related or safari

If you are an affiliate leader, please let us know if you have an idea about how many people from your affiliate may attend.