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What you can do

Obama┬┤s election

PSR will be organizing here in the States to urge President Obama to commit now to a nuclear weapons convention, and to take a number of interim steps to achieve the abolition of nuclear weapons, most notably taking US weapons off high alert, something that he can do on his own initiative without needing Congressional authorization. We will be urging all of our members to visit Obama's transition web site www.change.gov and post comments there on the blog section. And we will be organizing our members to write letters to the newspaper and to visit with their Congressional representatives during the upcoming recess. In addition we are trying every avenue that we know of to arrange a directmeeting with leaders of the transition team and the incoming administration to discuss the urgent need to abolish nuclear weapons and to present the new data on nuclear winter that underline the severity of the danger that these weapons continue to pose.

I know that many of you want to take action as well.  Here are a few suggestions: 

  • Visit the www.change.gov website and post comments expressing your hope that the new administration will usher in a new era in US nuclear weapons policty and that it will commit to a Nuclear Weapons Convention.
  • Set up visits with your Foreign Ministries and ask them to push the new adminsitration to embrace a NWC (and if you live in a nuclear weapons state, lobby your own government asking them if they will respond favorably if Obama does call for a NWC).
  • Plan to visit the US embassy with a delegation of your members when the new ambassador arrives later in the winter and lobby for US ageement to a NWC.

This is an incredibly exciting time. We need to push as hard as we can to take advantage of this window of opportunity. 

Ira Helfand, PSR