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Nuclear Weapons, Violence and Health

European IPPNW meeting in Helsinki

04/27/2009 The IPPNW joint European – Russian /CIS meeting and Symposium "Nuclear Weapons, Violence and Health" took place in Helsinki, Finland from 23.-26.4.2009. The Particpants from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, UK, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Russia, Georgia, Kyrgyz Republic, Kazakhstan and Ukraine discussed a common European-Russia-CIS campaign on nuclear disarmament as part of the IPPNW ICAN campaign.

The most relevant regional disarmament issues are Nuclear waste and a Nuclear weapon free zone in Europe. The campaign will consist of the drafting of an atlas of nuclear sites, dialogues with decision-makers, disarmament education, exchanges between the regions and various meetings on selected topics such as NATO, Nuclear Weapons Free Zones, Missile Defense, the Nuclear Weapons Convention and NPT 2010.


Learn about Nuclear Weapons

Learn About Nuclear Weapons is a web-based educational material from the Swedish Physicians Against Nuclear Weapons for those who want to learn more about nuclear weapons: