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A famous nuclear weapons opponent

PSR Statement on the Death of Joseph Rotblat

Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) mourns the death of Professor Sir Joseph Rotblat on August 31, in London, UK at the age of 96. Professor Rotblat, a 1995 Nobel Peace Laureate, and one of the first nuclear weapons opponents, was the only scientist to quit the Manhattan Project for moral reasons, when he learned from that Adolf Hitler and Germany were not developing a nuclear weapon. From that point on, he turned his immense talents and energy to nuclear medicine and a life-long campaign against nuclear weapons and war.

Professor Rotblat collaborated closely with PSR over many years, contributing to projects such as Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear War: A Source Book for Health Professionals (1984) and The Final Epidemic (1981), a book describing the likely medical consequences of nuclear war; and was a key participant in PSR's Manhattan Project II, a disarmament initiative led by Daniel Ellsberg in the early 1990s. Rotblat also appeared at a joint PSR and International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) conference in 2002, and at a PSR conference to oppose the development of a new generation of nuclear
weapons by the Bush administration in 2003.

We will miss him.

Martin Butcher
Director of Security Programs
Physicians for Social Responsibility


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