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Vienna conference must lead from knowledge to action

The third international conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons will take place in Vienna from December 8-9, 2014. Hosted by the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the conference is expected to build upon the scientific evidence presented at previous gatherings of States in Oslo and Nayarit, and to open up space for discussion about how to accelerate the pace of nuclear disarmament. 

ICAN has announced plans for a Civil Society Forum, designed to link the government conference with the campaign for a treaty to ban nuclear weapons and to pave the way for their elimination, on December 6-7. According to IPPNW program director John Loretz, the Vienna conference “must be a turning point from knowledge to action. We want a large number of States to declare themselves ready to work for a ban treaty, and to take the political leadership on nuclear disarmament that the nuclear-armed States have refused to take.” 

The ICAN Civil Society Forum website, with links to the government conference and a full description of both programs, is at goodbyenuk.es


Learn about Nuclear Weapons

Learn About Nuclear Weapons is a web-based educational material from the Swedish Physicians Against Nuclear Weapons for those who want to learn more about nuclear weapons: