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Nikos Nikiforidis 2020 award ceremony

The ceremony of 2020 of the Greek Peace Award Nikos Nikiforidis (Non Nuclear) took place on 10/12/2021 (due to the quarantine) in the Ceremonial Hall of the Municipality of Athens with the participation of the Mayor of Athens Kostas Bakoyiannis the ex mayor George Kaminis, ambassadors and officials .

The recipient of NN 2020 was the ex-mayor of Cankaya district of Ankara Bulent Tanik, president of the "Union for peace and communication in Aegean sea" APCA, who visited with other mayors from people in solidarity during the catastrophic fires in Mati 2019.

This time he came with his wife Feride who is MD ex professor of Public health and Knew all our colleagues of The Turkish affiliate of IPPNW, and ex parliamentarian Zeytep Altiok vice president of APCA.

NN Award was created by PADOP, NGO to honor Nikos Nikiforidis memory of the antinuclear martyr,who was executed in 1951 because he asked people to sign the Stockholm Antinuclear Appeal .

This year through the severe crisis between Greece and Turkey, it is good to remind all the leaders the common struggles of the Peace activists for peace and denuclearization in both Aegean shores and also the actions of friendship and solidarity, between the people in the neighboring countries.

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