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Social Media Campaign

No War on Iran

24.05.2019 The situation between the USA and Iran is worrying. Donald Trump has threatened Iran via Twitter, the Iranian foreign minister sharply criticised the US president. Although both sides currently appear to be verbally relying on de-escalation, the situation is extremely tense as a result of the further tightening of sanctions and the US military presence in the Persian Gulf. In this situation, IPPNW wants t send a signal for peace against the threat of war. A social media campaign has been set up and coordinated between IPPNW Germany and PSR-Iran.

To join our campaign, you may print one of the posters "No war on Iran", photograph yourself with it and then post it on your preferred social media channels under the hashtag #PeaceWithIran and/or link it to our Facebook page (@Peace4Iran)!

Spread the campaign among your colleagues, friends, acquaintances and relatives and set a sign for peace together with them.

More information, instructions for action (in English, German and Farsi) and downloadable signs


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September 26, 2021
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In Conversation with EU Parliamentarians
28. Juni 2021

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Medical Peace Work
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Animated Short Film about DU by ICBUW and PaxChristi

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