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Friday, 19. July 2024

2010 European Student Meeting

Nuclear Weapons - Abolition now!

From the US in the west to Malaysia in the east and Portugal in the south. About 25 guests from home and abroad were invited to hold lectures and workshops. In this final report we present the activities of the weekend and our experiences.

The conference was held at the same time as pivotal processes with the New START Treaty and just before the Review Conference of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in New York. Political processes do show signs of hope, although we still have a long way to go. There is still the lack of realization that global zero is a necessary objective. The work of the IPPNW continues at full strength for a world without nuclear weapons.

This has been a long and exciting journey for the Organizing Committee. We have been preparing this conference for more than a year, and it is therefore our greatest pleasure to see that the weekend turned out to be such a great success.

On behalf of the Organizing Committe, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our delegates, lecturers and crew for making this weekend special. I would also like to extend our greatest gratitude to our supporters including the Norwegian Affiliate of the IPPNW (Norske leger mot atomvåpen), the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Norwegian Medical Association.

Julian Hamfjord
leader IPPNW ESC Oslo 2010