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Friday, 14. August 2020

European Student Report


This report aims to give you a broad idea of the current status of the International IPPNW Student Movement. When the two of us took over the office of International Student Representatives in Beijing in September of 2004, we were quite unaware of what was expecting us, mainly due to the lack of continuity brought on by the sudden disappearance of our predecessors. However, in the last two year, we have managed to get a good idea of the different areas of our work and have begun to implement our initial plans, which very broadly can be summed up as follows:

· Develop and support international student projects
· Support the student chapters in the local work and attempt to get them in touch with their affiliates
· Improve communication and governance within the student movement
· Represent the students’ voice within the BoD and the Planning Committee for Helsinki 2006
· Foster growth amongst student chapters in the Global South

This report is structured along these five goals, touching on our achievements in the past year and identifying the obstacles we have encountered. In the end, we will try to outline our plans for the coming year and formulate our recommendations for future student work within IPPNW.

Alex Rosen
Khagendra Dahal