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Saturday, 9. December 2023

Medact Newsletter, July 14, 2016

Iraq, Medact & Chilcot

On 6 July 2016, the report of the British public Inquiry into the nation's role in the Iraq war, also known as the Chilcot report, was released. Medact released a statement that day calling among other things for the health community to push for more investment in peacebuilding and nonviolent responses to conflict, rather than militarised approaches.

In the lead up the Iraq war, Medact produced a prescient report on the potential risks to public health in Iraq; which was then followed up with four more reports analysing different aspects of the war's impact at different points over the following decade.

Three of the authors of these reports have now written a joint statement responding to the Chilcot report - calling for government accountability as well as more critical public health debate on the health consequences of war.