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Friday, 19. July 2024


IPPNW calls for end to conflict in Ukraine

The IPPNW Executive Committee discussed the conflict in Ukraine during a conference call on May 19, and has issued the following statement:

The ongoing crisis in Ukraine has raised grave concerns about the potential for escalation among the nuclear-armed states engaged in this tragic armed conflict. Nuclear weapons cannot have any role—even rhetorically—in the difficult and dangerous conflict in Ukraine. Rather, what is needed is humanitarian aid for all civilians who are suffering so terribly from this violent conflict. We therefore call on all parties, including Russia, the US, the European Union, and NATO to change course, to ensure that the conflict does not escalate any further and is brought to an end, and to begin what will have to be a long and difficult process of reconciliation. Europe must be the area of peace, culture, and collaboration that its entire population deserves, rather than a field of armed conflicts. IPPNW-Germany has published a statement on the Ukraine conflict that we highly recommend to the entire IPPNW federation and to all others concerned with bringing peace to this region. We also encourage all IPPNW members to participate in the “We refuse to be enemies” project organized by IPPNW-Germany.