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NPT Review Conference

New York, May 2010

From November 2009 till January 2010 I did my practical work at the office of  IPPNW Germany  During this internship I’ve got to know about the NPT Review Conference and became interested in participating in the conference and taking part in NGOs-actions during the conference in New York.


06/14/2007 SLMK - the Swedish affiliate of IPPNW sent a delegation of 3 students and 1 doctor to Pyongyang, Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK). The delegation aimed at strengthening the relationship with the DPRK affiliate of IPPNW, spreading awareness on nuclear weapon issues to medical students and doctors, increasing our knowledge about the health care situation in DPRK.


Delegation to Iran

First NWIP delegation to this country

04/02/2007 In April 2007 a group of medical students from Nuclear Weapons Inheritance Project visited their fellow students in Tehran. The delegates included Camilla Mattsson, Karin Svensson and Wenjing Tao from Sweden, and Jakob Gierten from Germany. This was the first NWIP delegation to Iran and was a follow-up to the last visit the Swedish affiliate of IPPNW (SLMK) made to Tehran 20-23rd of January 2007.


Target London

Nuclear Weapons Inheritance Project

08/10/2006 The students of the Nuclear Weapons Inheritance Project spent a weekend in London from August 4th to 6th. After intensive briefings and strategy sessions, they went on to the streets on Hiroshima Day to talk to passers-by about what would happen if a nuclear bomb exploded on London.