Sunday, 14. July 2024

May 9th, 2024

IPPNW, ICAN, ICRC, and the Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) co-organized a workshop on "Advancing Zambia's ratification of the TPNW" which was a resounding success

IPPNW Zambia delegates included:
Dr. Masiku Phiri, Dr. Charles Bwale, Dr. Walusungu Mtonga, Dr. Zaga Silomba, Dr. David Sinkamba, Dr. David Kapanda, Dr. Jadan Mwamba, Kondwani Lungu and Nancy Chilufya.
It was heartening to see stakeholders from various government ministries and civil society groups come together with a shared goal of working towards the ratification of the treaty.
Their commitment to collaboration and dedication to ensuring the treaty is ratified is truly commendable.
During the workshop, IPPNW Co-International Student Representative, Walusungu Mtonga gave a presentation on the growing danger of nuclear war and the importance of ratifying the treaty for regional peace and global security on behalf of IPPNW.
This workshop served as a platform for meaningful discussions and strategic planning, paving the way for positive progress in advancing Zambia's stance on nuclear disarmament.
The key government ministries involved in the ratification process reaffirmed their commitment to seeing the process through and provided a roadmap on how it will be achieved.