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Medical Peace Work

Internet course starts on its second round


The internet course for Medical Peace Work starts on its second round. The cost-free training offer for physicians, healthcare professionals and medical students is online since two years. The course is subdivided into seven modules, which provide the participants with new insights about the role of healthcare professionals in peace progress.

It is not only about founding themes of IPPNW, like disarmament work and prevention of (nuclear) war, but also about human rights, structural violence, peacekeeping activities while and after situations of conflict and the prevention of violence on an interpersonal level. The participants are enabled to prevent violence and have an impact on the promotion of peace in their working environment.

In the second phase the course will be further developed by 11 partners from Norway, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Turkey, the Netherlands, Slovenia, and Great Britain and financed by the European Union. Within the next two years, the course will be adapted to new target groups. Furthermore it is going to be promoted internationally and implemented to training and further education schemes for physicians and other health care professionals.