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IPPNW-founder honored with “Lown Peace Bridge”

10/18/2008 On October 17, 2008 the South Bridge connecting the cities Lewiston and Aubury in Main, USA was renamed after the IPPNW-founder Bernard Lown. Governor John E. Baldacci of Main expressed his hope that by renaming the bridge future generations will remember Bernard Lown and be inspired by his “incredible humanitarian efforts”.

Lown himself considered the idea of a "Peace Bridge" as a fitting symbol since being a good metaphor for "bridging" differences and therefore for his work. He, being immigrated with his parents from Lithuania to Lewiston at the age of 13 escaping from rising anti-Semitism, expressed his gratitude to his "adopted" hometown honoring him in "such a meaningful way". He furthermore stated to be proud that Lewinston would celebrate peace and thereby taking a "single step forward to lift the curtain on a new age".


Animated Short Film about DU by ICBUW and PaxChristi

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