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Medical Voices Against Violence

A project of IPPNW's Aiming for Prevention Program

06/15/2009 IPPNW's new "Medical Voices Against Violence" project features stories of personal experiences with violence, especially gun violence, from IPPNW members - doctors, nurses, medical students and and other heath professionals. We will use these stories to educate others about the human costs of violence via IPPNW's "Aiming for Prevention" campaign, and to advocate for violence prevention using a public health approach.

Violence prevention advocates are often criticized for the failure to make their message simple and relevant to the public and policymakers, to show the suffering to individuals, families, and communities caused by violence, and to talk about people rather than weapons. Illustrating the human face of violence can be a powerful tool to mobilize others to prevent violence. IPPNW's One Bullet Story has been a successful program about gunshot victims and the range of human and economic costs.

The objective of our new initiative Medical Voices Against Violence is to further educate about the human dimensions of violence, especially how it has affected members of the medical community in their work and their personal lives. We hope it will encourage our members and others to work against violence and for peaceful conflict resolution.

For information on how you can participate in this program, please contact Aiming for Prevention Coordinator Maria Valenti.


For more information about Aiming for Prevention, contact Maria Valenti, Campaign Coordinator, 1.617.440.1733 ext. 203.


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