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Book edited by Neil Arya, Joanna Santa Barbara

Peace through Health

How Health Professionals Can Work for a Less Violent World

10/12/2009 We typically define and talk about wars using the language of politics, but what happens when you bring in a doctor’s perspective on conflict? Can war be diagnosed like an illness? Can health professionals participate in its mitigation and prevention? The contributors to Peace through Health: How Health Professionals Can Work for a Less Violent World engage with these ground-breaking ideas and describe tools that can further peace once war is understood as a public health problem.

The idea of working for peace through the health sector has sparked many innovative programs, described here by over 30 experts familiar with the theory and practice of Peace through Health. They cover topics such as prevention and therapy, program evaluations, medical ethics, activism, medical journals, human rights, and the uses of epidemiology. Those considering careers in medicine and other health and humanitarian disciplines as well as those concerned about the growing presence of militarized violence in the world will value the book’s many insights.

Other Contributors: Will Boyce, Caecilie Buhmann, Anne BundeBirouste, Kenneth Bush, Helen Caldicott, Rob Chase, Khagendra Dahal, Hamit Dardagan, Ann Duggan, Lowell Ewert, Paul Farmer, Norbert Goldfield, Paula Gutlove, Katherine Kaufer Christoffel, Maria Kett, John Last, Barry S. Levy, Tarek Loubani, Evan Lyon, Graeme MacQueen, Ian Maddocks, Ambrogio Manenti, Klaus Melf, Viet Nguyen-Gillham, Wendy Orr, Andrew D. Pinto, Alex Rosen, Simon Rushton, Hana Saab, Victor W. Sidel, Sonal Singh, John Sloboda, Karen Trollope-Kumar, Marshall Wallace, Jim Yong Kim, Anthony Zwi.

Table of Contents:

Part I: Basic Concepts in Peace through Health
1) Introduction; 2) History of Peace through Health; 3) Setting the Role of the Health Sector in Context: Multi-track Peacework; 4) Mechanisms of Peace through Health

Part II: War and its Impact on Human Health
5) The Health effects of War; 6) Future Wars

Part III: Values and Ethics in Peace through Health
7) What Values Underlie our Actions?; 8) Human Rights; 9) Medical Ethics; 10) Respect for Culture; 11) Speaking Truth to Power: Acting on Values, Ethics and Rights in South Africa

Part IV: Preparing to Act on Peace through Health
12) Analysing a Peace through Health Problem; 13) Tools for Peace through Health Work:
13a) Peace and Conflict Impact Assessment; 13b) Do No Harm; 13c) The Health and Peacebuilding Filter and Companion Manual; 14) Dealing with Conflict; 15) Epidemiology as a Tool for Interdisciplinary Peace and Health Studies

Part V: Case Studies
Introduction to Case Studies; 16) Primary Prevention; 16a) Preventing War by Weapons Limitation; 16b) Opposing Gun Violence in the USA; 16c) Health Professional as Activist; 16d) Acting on Human rights in Nepal; 16e) Peace Education as Primary Prevention; 17) Secondary Prevention; 17a) Humanitarian Ceasefires; 17b) The Role of Medical Journals; 17c) Healing Across the Divides: American Medical Peacebuilding in the Middle East; 17d) A Model for Improving Mental Health in Palestine - An Alternative View on Peace and Health?; 17e) The Iraq Body Count Project - A Citizen Initiative in Response to Government Indifference and Inaction; 17f) Doctor as Witness: Opposing Economic Sanctions on Iraq (1990-2003); 18) Tertiary Prevention; 18a) Psychosocial Healing; 18b Community Based Rehabilitation; 18c Butterfly Garden - Healing War-Affected Children in Sri Lanka; 18d) The World Health Organization: Health as a Bridge for Peace

Part VI: Evaluation
19) Evaluation of the Peace Component of Peace through Health Work

Part VII: Expanding the Bounds of Peace through Health
20) Expanding the Bounds of Medical Peace Practice; 21) Social Injustice and the Responsibility of Healthcare Workers: Observation, Assessment, Action; 22) Living in Harmony with the Earth and with Each Other

Part VIII: Special Topics
23) A Role for Emergency Humanitarian Aid Organizations in Peace; 24 Students and Peace through Health: Education, Projects and Theory; 25) Technology and Activism; 26) Educating Health Professionals in Peace

27) Looking Ahead

Paperback: 978 1 56549 258 5
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Publisher: Kumarian Press
May 2008, 320 pp., 6" x 9"


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