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Mediterranean No Nuclear Neighbourhood

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We, the Organizations from 9 countries of the wider area of the Mediterranean gathered in Rhodes, September 27-29 2007, and signed the Protocol of Cooperation for the Creation of the Mediterranean No Nuclear Neighbourhood (MN3), address the citizens of our countries with a hopeful dream. We gathered here to exchange views, experience but above all to express our sound will to coordinate our actions to counter the nuclear threat in our region, to solidify our common belief that, yes, we can successfully claim a new perspective for the environment, our life and the whole Planet.

The Network seeks to engage at the level of ideas with the growing climate change movement so as to increase common awareness.

Climate has already changed, Life is threatened by the overheat of Planet, oil price has reach new high levels and there is an effort to convince us that turning to nuclear power is a safe way to have a chance against global warming. «You don’t fight back malaria with plague» stated the President of Francophones’ Parliament of Belgium, Mr. Christos Doulkeridis, last year in Rhodes. Nuclear energy is not a convincing answer to the energy problems, especially in a region with a large seismicity such ours. The recent accident to the largest nuclear plant of the world in Japan, a technological metropolis which spends huge amounts of money for safety, reminded us of the risks. Nuclear energy is not a convincing answer in such an unstable geopolitically period as the one we are facing today. There are alternatives, well known to everybody, and all it is outmost necessity for society to press towards the governments and decision makers to change their views and actions on the problem.
Furthermore, new plans dealing with “defensive” nuclear weapons along with the doctrine of short-range nuclear wars are expected to launch a new arms race, a riskful dead-end, a point to no return. At the dawn of the 21st century, the major nuclear powers led by USA, are possessed by a fear syndrome, which makes them impose the nuclear war as a «rational» solution to face all sort of demons.

Taking all these under consideration, we have reasons to worry and get mobilized.

We have also reasons to be optimistic that our coordinated action in the area sets the premises to encounter these developments from a better standing.

We agree that:
We will all together monitor and publish recent developments on the ground of nuclear weapons, nuclear power reactors and generally any sector of industrial nuclear activity.
We will all together promote the Renewable and Environment-friendly Sources of Energy and the institution of measures for energy preservation, along with the forming of new consumer standards, these matters being strongly connected to the future of the planet and humanity.
We will all together inform, sensitize and motivate the citizens towards the substantive cause of the abolition of the nuclear threat against Life, Peace and the Environment.
We will all together claim our neighborhood to be transferred to a Nuclear-Free Zone of Peace.

Specifically we call for:
1. The United Nations to form a multilateral action committee for the establishment of Middle East Zone free from nuclear, chemical, biological and all weapons of mass destruction. Every efficient pressure to be exerted toward Israel - the only Middle Eastern state with an atomic arsenal – in order to sign and ratify the Non Proliferation Treaty and accepting transparency by opening its clandestine nuclear facilities to international inspections and supervision by International Organizations. Such an action could possibly lead to the de-escalation of the tension and the withdrawal of the Iranian nuclear program, Iran being member of a Middle East Free Zone, given the hypocritical and rashful attitude of the larger nuclear powers on the matter. The only perspective for Peace to the region is the prohibition of all weapons of mass destruction including nuclear, biological, chemical and any other type.

2. Efforts to be heightened towards the prevention of installation of two nuclear reactors, of a new and non tested type, at Belene, Bulgaria, which are being built without following the procedures provided by the International Treaties on the environmental impact, on a cross-border level. International mobilization to prevent International Organizations and Banks from funding the project has already been proved effective and must keep going on.

3. Stronger efforts towards the prevention of the realization of any nuclear project in Turkey, concerning any nuclear power plants, as well as towards the removal of US nuclear weapons both from Turkish, Greek and Italian territories.

4. International initiatives on preventing new nuclear projects in Romania, Egypt and Ukraine to be launched. Especially for Ukraine, it’s a totally irrational move to plan the building of 22 new nuclear reactors in a country that is suffering so much as a result to the Chernobyl Disaster.

5. The restriction of usage of coal, petroleum, gas as they cause climate change and are a large threat to the environment. We support energy efficiency, energy conservation and the use of renewable energy sources to counter this problem.

Our ultimate goal is the creation of a globally spread antinuclear movement which will unite the hundreds of antinuclear movements and organizations to a resonant fight. It is the only hope against twisted and dangerous minds that lead the planet to its destruction. The creation of the Mediterranean No Nuclear Neighbourhood is a step towards that cause.

In our way of thinking «short-range nuclear wars» have no place or rationality. We question the right of any country to hold nuclear technology. We know that many governments share our thoughts. However, we cannot count just on declarations. We demand political initiatives, specific actions to reduce the tension, minimize the possibilities of wars and ecological destructions. We need a Safe Peaceful World with no discriminations and poverty, no famine and distress.

We commit to fight with all our strength, faith, devotion, support and solidarity among us, in order to achieve our goals.


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