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NPT Review Conference

New York, May 2010

From November 2009 till January 2010 I did my practical work at the office of  IPPNW Germany  During this internship I’ve got to know about the NPT Review Conference and became interested in participating in the conference and taking part in NGOs-actions during the conference in New York.

The NPT Review Conference  was a unique chance for me to see how such international regimes and institutions function, and to experience the atmosphere of the intergovernmental interactions under the roof of the United Nations Organization. It was very interesting and instructive for me to see and hear the representatives of the different member-states to the NPT. Although the conference showed that the nuclear weapons states are still not ready to ban nuclear weapons,  the overwhelming majority of the states have called for the negotiation of a nuclear weapons convention. This development is crucial. Although the world community saw again the dependence of the nuclear power states on their instruments of power and their reluctance to cooperate under the NPT-regime, the conference displayed the emergence of a new debate about the irrelevance and illegitimacy of nuclear weapons.I believe that the existence of nuclear weapons bears a threat, which is not compatible with the global human rights regime, and which is supposed to be global and supported by the majority of the permanent members of the Security Council. Showing the illegitimacy and the amorality of nuclear weapons may be the right path to discrediting these weapons and eliminating them to a Global Zero. And that is the way, which I will follow with all the means which I have at my disposal today.