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Nuclear Weapons, Violence and Health

European IPPNW meeting in Helsinki

04/27/2009 The IPPNW joint European – Russian /CIS meeting and Symposium "Nuclear Weapons, Violence and Health" took place in Helsinki, Finland from 23.-26.4.2009. The Particpants from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, UK, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Russia, Georgia, Kyrgyz Republic, Kazakhstan and Ukraine discussed a common European-Russia-CIS campaign on nuclear disarmament as part of the IPPNW ICAN campaign.

The most relevant regional disarmament issues are Nuclear waste and a Nuclear weapon free zone in Europe. The campaign will consist of the drafting of an atlas of nuclear sites, dialogues with decision-makers, disarmament education, exchanges between the regions and various meetings on selected topics such as NATO, Nuclear Weapons Free Zones, Missile Defense, the Nuclear Weapons Convention and NPT 2010.